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Remote Medical Supplies
Pharmaceuticals | Consumables | Medical Equipment | Export Worldwide

Remote Pharma Solutions provide assistance and guidance across a wide range of regulatory, operational and budget needs.


Assistance and guidance to:

  • ensure site / team operational compliance across a range of sectors/industries

  • protect the quality, safety and integrity of important (and often vital) clients’ medical supply chains.

  • meet legal and professional obligations

  • maintain and manage procurement / resupply costs


We provide:

  • Medical formulary development and review: reduce costs, streamline processes, highlight possible supply issues and restrictions worldwide.

  • Medial store compliance guidance against national/international regulatory requirements including all major maritime flag states, CLIA/ACEP, Offshore Regulations (UKOOA, NOGEPA etc), Dive Regulations (DMAC15).

  • Guidance / assistance with ILO MLC 2006 4.1 regulations.

  • Pricing reviews of current suppliers. Are you paying too much - you probably are!

  • Assistance in supplier choice, bid process and contracts. Evaluation of supplier offered services/pricing, including individual quotes and full contract tenders.

  • Current vendor (s) and local “in country” supplier evaluations and reviews.

  • Import/Export services and guidance.

  • Equipment Product choice: based on clients’ needs, user training/skills, quality, ease of use, price, maintenance & consumables availability and costs, suitability for site location etc.

  • Telemedicine / Remote Advice plus assistance in evaluating 3rd party supplier services and pricing.

  • Malaria guidance: choice of POC test kits, current prophylaxis, treatments, drug availability and pricing.

  • Medicine choice assistance: including “in-country” substitution’s and local supply sourcing.

  • Guidance on Drug & Alcohol Screening and other POC kits, including costs, approved tests/kits etc.


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