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Remote Medical Supplies
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Commercial & Private


From single yachts and challenger races/rallies to iconic “mega” and “giga” yachts - commercial and private. Remote Pharma Solutions can provide complete medical kits to cover all needs and regulatory requirements

Our team was one of the first to assist and supply the super-yacht industry with regulatory complaint and bespoke medical kits. The emergence of mega yachts in the late 90s and early 2000s - with their high-profile owners and guests, increased crew and passenger numbers - often meant a different approach to the onboard medical stores was needed.  Working with industry professionals the team applied “cruise-line” standards to meet every eventuality. You’d be surprised who our team have assisted, supplied and advised in the past 20+ years – including the current leading kit suppliers!

As a single source supplier, backed by a global partner network, we offer sensibly priced regulatory flag state compliant medical kits, bespoke "mega"/"giga" yacht solutions and worldwide replenishment worldwide.

Our services include:

  • Regulatory compliant medical kits for yachts of all sizes

  • Tailored / bespoke modular medical kits - including complete new-build and turnkey solutions

  • Vessel medical compliance certification for all major flag states

  • Worldwide replenishment – with emergency/same day dispatch if needed

  • Product and kit recommendations to meet flag, crew & passenger numbers and itinerary risks

  • English language labelled medicines and consumables

  • Expiry date & Batch tracking.  

  • Professional advice for both commercial operators and private individuals from industry experienced Pharmacists

    • including vessel regulatory compliance, malaria prophylaxis & vaccinations needs, plus the translation and identification of locally purchased medications to assist crew safety

  • Guidance and assistance on drug disposal, controlled drug documentation and record keeping

  • Worldwide inspection, maintenance and repair of medical equipment

    • including – defibrillators, patient monitors, autoclaves and x-ray machines etc

  • Medical Oxygen refills / cylinder exchange

  • Radio medical advice and telemedicine assistance services via chosen providers

We are happy to review and advise on your medical stores to meet regulatory and/or operational needs or simply assist with cost-effective replenishment solutions for your current kit.

Need advice? Speak to our experienced team

Got a kit already - lets us replenish it......... at a cheaper price!

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