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Remote Medical Supplies
Pharmaceuticals | Consumables | Medical Equipment | Export Worldwide

A UK based, internationally focused, Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Medical Supplier.

Remote Pharma Solutions offer a complete range of medical products to meet all front-line, emergency, and/or supporting medical care including acute/chronic clinical needs:

  • Pharmaceuticals:

    • OTC, Prescription Rx [branded & generic] - including vaccines & restricted/controlled medications

  • Consumables:

    • bandages, dressings, instruments, medical disposables etc

  • Equipment:

    • defibrillators, ECG, x-ray machines, blood analysers, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, suction, dental & laboratory

  • Stretchers & Rescue Equipment:

    • basket stretchers, spine boards, splinting items etc plus sundry emergency supplies

  • Medical Kits:

    • bespoke and regulatory. yacht medical kits / first aid kits / paramedic kits / tactical medical kits 

  • Modular Clinic/Site Solutions:

    • tailored to client specific site needs based on workforce size, location and operational site risks

  • Medical Gases:
    • oxygen, entonox, therapy sets & resuscitators [manual & automatic]

  • Point-of-Care Tests [POCTs]:
    • drug & alcohol, HIV, malaria, influenza A+B etc

  • Hospital / Clinic Furniture:

    • ward & general equipment [beds, couches, trolleys etc]

  • Training Aids

    • including anatomical charts, models and skeletons, manikins, moulage kits, simulators and various accessories

Together with:

  • Global product sourcing -  including “drop-ship” deliveries and hard to find products

  • Competitive pricing and a world-class reputation for service and reliability

  • Worldwide Delivery

    • Logistic expertise to ensure delivery, where and when you need it. Including safe secure transportation of “temperature sensitive” items

Our online catalogue and tracking systems mean you can order, reorder and manage your medical supplies safely, quickly and efficiently.

UK MHRA licenced, UK Home Office Approved, UK registered Pharmacists and an experienced management team, together with strict standard operating procedures in compliance with GDP [Good Distribution Practice] combine to deliver a safe and secure supply chain so as to provide full confidence and peace of mind.

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