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Remote Medical Supplies
Pharmaceuticals | Consumables | Medical Equipment | Export Worldwide
Unrivaled expertise / Global Medical Supplies

High profile and challenging........... with the safety & wellbeing of your passengers and crew paramount at all times

That’s why your vessels need the expertise of a professional, dedicated, proactive and experienced supplier to assist in ensuring onboard medical teams have the tools to meet all potential medical emergencies. Our team has been supplying and advising commercial cruise line companies for over 20+ years.  It’s a new name but our experience in this sector is unparalleled.


From single operators to global fleets, bespoke small ships to mega class destination vessels we understand your needs. Whether it be resupplies or a “complete” new build "fit-out", our ability to source and supply every possible medical item makes us a global leader and a must for your fleet.

We provide:

  • Medical formulary development and review: reduce costs, streamline processes, highlight potential supply issues and possible delivery restrictions worldwide

  • Compliance advice against all national/international regulatory requirements, major maritime flag states and current CLIA/ACEP guidelines

  • Licenced UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) operation, temperature-controlled warehouse, and compliant GDP standards and procedures

  • Safe, approved medications meeting international GMP standards [UK MHRA (Medicines Health & Regulatory Agency) / FDA (Food and Drug Administration etc] - together with robust anti-counterfeit policies and licensing/accreditation for complete peace of mind

  • Reliable worldwide deliveries of Pharmaceuticals (OTC & Rx), Consumables and Equipment with orders being dispatched “same day” as needed

  • Crew vaccinations – including seasonal flu, measles, chickenpox and yellow fever. Plus pandemic outbreak kits/supplies

  • Guidance / assistance, world-wide, with the safe-disposal of expired medications including controlled drugs

  • Global sourcing, competitive pricing – including fix contract agreements and fleet discounts

  • Expiry date & Batch tracking

  • Complete “New build” / turnkey solutions

  • Crew “own” prescription re-supplies including assistance with substitutions / brand translations etc

  • Experienced Pharmacists to assist on medicine/product choice: including brand/generic alternatives, “in-country” substitution’s and local supply sourcing. Plus provide medicine cost analyse vs medical needs, product shelf-life, ease of use, pack-size, order size etc to ensure complete best practice but cost-effective medical stocks are held. Guidance with Group Patient Directives / Protocols for onboard dispensing to passengers and crew

  • Stock re-ordering and control system integration. Simplify your order processes – save time and money

  • Worldwide inspection, maintenance and repair of medical equipment including – Defibrillators, Patient Monitors, Autoclaves and X-ray Machines

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